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"First In Hemp"

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Pioneering South Carolina's Industrial Hemp Industry


Brackish Solutions is one of South Carolina's first industrial hemp companies as one of a handful of selected participants in the state's inaugural Hemp Pilot program in 2016. Our expertise is in hemp farming and supply for both industrial applications and medical-grade CBD production. 

We will continue to raise awareness of the 2014 Farm Bill, and support for the Senate Bill 134, Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, and HR 3530, Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, which would allow South Carolina and all American farmers to cultivate hemp like almost every other industrialized nation.

Medical Grade CBD Production


We specialize in growing medical-grade, CBD-rich, hemp and extraction for nutraceutical products and dietary supplements.

Industrial Hemp Applications


We specialize in growing and harvesting hemp for industrial applications and supply. 

May 2018- Update

Check out our visit to the Lake City Farm. 

Brackish Solutions, LLC

SC Hemp Pilot Program


The Industrial Hemp Pilot Program creates a new opportunity for South Carolina farmers to increase crop diversity.

About Us


We are South Carolina's Hemp Industry Pioneers. We're leading the way, as hemp quickly becomes our state's next cash crop. 

2014 Farm Bil


Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill authorized State departments of agriculture to create Hemp farming pilot programs in partnership with state institutions of higher education. 


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